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From Alabama to Wyoming, Payroll Tax Specialist is an insured tax depositor for all 50 states.

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Avoid Risks

PTS is an expert at Mitigated Risk Assessments. Below are some helpful tips at avoiding common problems associated with payroll.

Collecting Tax Fund

Most bank will underwrite you instead of your clients to see if you are credit worthiness for the amount that you are collecting. For example, to collect $100K in taxes, you have to have a net worth of $100K. Unlike a wire transaction, ACH transaction is risky because there is no...
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ACH Processor

For ease and efficiency, ACH transaction is the only option to streamline the operation for both payroll and taxes. Having a reliable, stable and dependable ACH processor is of utmost critical for the lively hood of a company. Because of the risks associated with the whole...
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Your Employee

So many taxing authorities are so far away from being automated to help mitigate the risks of human errors whether intentional or not intentional on the employee's efforts. Therefore, the burden of responsibility to have systems, processes and procedures in place to...
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When we setup your account, we verify and confirm your account number, legal name, deposit frequency, exemption...

Why PTS?

We are dedicated to eliminating the cumbersome tasks associated with payroll tax depositing and filing of tax...

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    • 24/7 Web Access to your clients' information
    • Avoid tax penalties and interest liability
    • Guarantee predictable income
    • Minimize overhead
    • Eliminate quarter & year end headaches
    • Seamless integration and cooperation
    • Reliable tax partners that are always available
    • Focus on your core business
    • No data held hostage
    • Close more new deals
    • No penalties, interest or inquiry
    • Accountability of funds
    • Copy of actual returns filed
    • Quick response
    • Fast access to tax experts
    • 24/7 Web access to their information