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When we setup your account, we verify and confirm your account number, legal name, deposit frequency, exemption status, EFT mandatory status and your tax rate. Once confirmed, we notate the individual we spoke with should there be any problems in the future concerning the information that we received from the agency representative, from your side and/or from your payroll processor. Furthermore, we synchronize our data with our clients and payroll partners data on a constant basis, throughout the quarter so we can spot any problems prior to quarter end. Another advantage of synchronization is to allow us more time to prepare the quarter end and respond quicker to our clients.

Having correct information is the most important step towards paying taxes and filing returns accurately. At Payroll Tax Specialists, we make it our priority to make sure that the information you submit to us is checked for accuracy. We have many different processes and procedures to cross check and double check your data. When we first received your tax information, there are five checks that we used to verify your information: We check to see if the total liability is equal to the sum of the taxes that you reported; We check to see if the information is duplicated, back dated, or has been negatively adjusted; We check to see if the total liability is within the range that we normally receive from you for the quarter. If the total liability for that check date is either above or below a certain percentage, we notify you and/or your payroll processor to confirm the information. These five checks are just a few of the 110+ checks that our system and procedures constantly monitor to make sure that taxes and returns are paid and filed correctly and timely. For a detail list of items that we check daily and at quarter end, please click on the appropriated links.

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