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We are dedicated to eliminating the cumbersome tasks associated with payroll tax depositing and filing of tax returns, so you can use your resources to focus on what you do best. This is advantageous to you as well as to your clients. We keep our system updated and our staff abreast of the changing tax laws and regulations. We go out of our way to earn your trust and assist you in expanding your business.

Independent Tax Partner

We have a knowledgeable staff with years of experience and an infrastructure ready to service you and your clients just as we have successfully helped other payroll partners
To our payroll partners, we provide additional resources that you can use to your advantage to supplement your payroll services without any conflicts of interest. You can count on us as your tax department to keep you and your clients' best interests in mind since tax is our only specialty. We are here to help your company grow so that we can grow with you. It is in our best interest to help take away the burden and liability of you servicing your clients' taxes so that you can focus your efforts in providing payroll services and attract more clients. We have a knowledgeable staff with years of experience and an infrastructure ready to service you and your clients just as we have successfully helped other payroll partners. When you are ready to provide tax service to your clients, we will be more than happy to license our system to you and train your staff. To our clients, you can always count on us to make sure taxes are paid, returns are filed, inquiries are responded to, requests are handled, and tax problems are resolved. Should there be any penalty and/or interest that is our fault, we will pay the penalty and/or interest. Paying taxes and preparing returns are not hard to do, but when you have a "full plate" and limited time and resources, the challenges of tracking and accounting for all of the many different transactions becomes a burden. Above all, the reality of having to issue a penalty check worth more than what you are compensating your employees for the year can be heart wrenching.


At quarter end, we zero out our clients' balance and refund any money, even if it is just a penny, back to the clients
Dealing with our clients' money, whether one cent or millions of dollars, is a very serious matter that has major financial and legal consequences. At Payroll Tax Specialists, we understand the seriousness of the matter and religiously monitor every penny in our custody. At quarter end, we zero out our clients' balance and refund any money, even if it is just a penny, back to the clients. We provide our clients with reports accounting for all funds received, which taxing authorities were paid, and proof that the money was paid on behalf of the clients. As mentioned above, our system can track, balance, and reconcile on a daily basis, every penny that comes into and out of our trust accounts. To further minimize the risk, we have the money insured. At any moment, upon request, we can account to our clients and partners all of the money and payments pertaining to their account.


When we setup your account, we verify and confirm your account number, legal name, deposit frequency, exemption status, EFT mandatory status and your tax rate. Once confirmed, we notate the individual we spoke with should there be any problems in the future concerning the information that we received from the agency representative, from your side and/or from your payroll processor. Furthermore, we synchronize our data with our clients and payroll partners data on a constant basis, throughout the quarter so we can spot any problems prior to quarter end. Another advantage of synchronization is to allow us more time to prepare the quarter end and respond quicker to our clients.
Information is always checked, double checked and cross checked for ultimate accuracy
Having correct information is the most important step towards paying taxes and filing returns accurately. At Payroll Tax Specialists, we make it our priority to make sure that the information you submit to us is checked for accuracy. We have many different processes and procedures to cross check and double check your data. When we first received your tax information, there are five checks that we used to verify your information: We check to see if the total liability is equal to the sum of the taxes that you reported; We check to see if the information is duplicated, back dated, or has been negatively adjusted; We check to see if the total liability is within the range that we normally receive from you for the quarter. If the total liability for that check date is either above or below a certain percentage, we notify you and/or your payroll processor to confirm the information. These five checks are just a few of the 110+ checks that our system and procedures constantly monitor to make sure that taxes and returns are paid and filed correctly and timely. For a detail list of items that we check daily and at quarter end, please click on the appropriated links.

Cost Effectiveness

There are many cost saving advantages of having Payroll Tax Specialists provide tax services for you. We can minimize the overhead of having your own tax department and at the same, you reap the advantages of a fully staffed tax department that you can count on to support your tax needs. With us, you don't have to worry if your taxes are being paid and returns are filed on time. Should we make a mistake that causes a penalty, we have the resources and are insured to pay for our mistakes. With the rising cost of recruiting, training, and retaining qualified tax specialists to do your own taxes, as well as exposing yourself to big penalties for not being in compliance and timely, why not consider outsourcing it to us. Relieve yourself and your staff of the stress, burden, and penalties of satisfying the many regulations. As for regulations and compliance's, we subscribed to a number of publications and keep in touch with the agencies on a constantly basis so that we can stay on top of the changes. To our payroll partners, we have interfaces ready to support the most popular file formats and payroll systems so that you don't have to do much work in transferring the information to us. If we don't have an interface ready for your file format and/or payroll system, we will create one on our side to recognize your file format. We know that your time is valuable; Therefore, we try to automate the process as much as we can so that information exchanged between both sides is more efficient, secure, and accurate.